Monday, 10 December 2012

Linus' First Artwork

Now that Linus is 9 months old, I figured we should start exploring his talents. Will he be a future Picasso or Rembrandt? It's possible. Both my mom and my G'ma are very artistically gifted. At any rate, I thought we'd give art a shot. (Fine. It's mostly because there is a chance to win something super-cute and cool...)

I figured I'd get things started for him. (Ok, I really enjoy coloring. It's strangely relaxing.) I figured his prowess might need some help, so I did some basics with the six colors I had available.

I mind-melded with Linus to share thoughts about this picture and what it means to him. Together, we envisioned, what will be our first and most frequent travel destination. We're hoping to do a grand tour of Texas in the near future. We need to hit Houston (obviously to see the doting grandparents), Dallas (to see my old friends), and San Antonio (so The Line can meet those great-grandparents he's been hearing so much about!). In my head a refer to it as The Grand Tour of Texas.

Get your picture here.

Linus says that this trip will be awesome and he'll be super-well behaved on the flight. He will give Grandma and Grandpa lots of kisses and cuddles. He will be so happy to sit on Great-Grandma and Great-Papa's laps. He's very much looking forward to playing with Wyatt and George, his cousins. Linus says he'd back his Skoot suitcase with his duck lovey, some rad outfits, and of course a few hats. Mommy suggested that we should probably also bring his white noise machine to help him sleep at night. As you can see, the suitcase is empty for now. I think he might be a last minute packer like his Grandpa.

Linus took the purple crayon and I managed to get a couple of small scribbles out of him before the crayon went into his mouth. I tried to redirect with no luck. I decided to give paint a try. I pulled out some washable non-toxic paint and a brush. He put a few wild dobs on the picture before looking dangerously close to flinging and/or eating the brush. I wrestled the brush from his grasp and he grabbed the paper to crumple then attempt to eat it. I pried it away, but left the tell-tale crumple marks for authenticity.

What do y'all think? Is my baby the next great artist of his generation? (Either way, hopefully he'll have a sweet ride-on suitcase for when we take a trip!)

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