Thursday, 19 June 2014

Carte Noire Coffee Pods for Nespresso

Ok you guys. This is it. The last one. (Unless someone else wants to send us free coffee...)

A while ago (actually an embarrassingly long time ago- Sorry Carte Noire people), the people at Carte Noire asked if I'd be interested in trying their Nespresso-compatible pods. And of course, I said yes. You know how we feel about free coffee in the Ameringlish household. When I told Ross about this development he was super-jazzed. He told me that, back when he used to drink instant coffee, Carte Noire was his go-to.

I'd received coffee from other companies before, but I was not prepared for what arrived on our doorstep a few days later.

A gorgeous box with a golden ribbon containing 4 boxes of Carte Noire pods (Nos. 3, 5, 7, 9) and two little espresso glasses. Ross was so excited he ran out to meet me to tell me about it when I got home.

The pods were really nice. We felt like the quality and taste were excellent. I most enjoyed No. 5- the Delicat. The Carte Noire pods are sealed in individual sachets, so they have that amazing coffee smell when you open the packet. Mmmmm, coffee.
The fact that these pods are available in stores, fits the way we use non-Nespresso pods. We tend to only buy them when we are low and won't be near the Trafford Centre (where the Nespresso store is) soon. The price is right what you'd actually want to pay. Of all the pods I've reviewed, these are the ones that we've actually gone out and bought ourselves after our free ones were gone (two boxes in Tesco for £4- deal!). I think they'll replace other pods that we used for this purpose in the past- namely Whittard's. The Carte Noire ones are just way better.

The Carte Noire pods fit our machine perfectly and never stuck or slipped through. You should double check compatibility if you have a newer machine, as some aren't a good match.

As for the little glasses that were included in our box, Ross is in love. Sadly, one broke in the dishwasher on second washing- a fact that Boden said was nearly impossible when we contacted them about a replacement. So now that we are down to one, Ross jealously guards it. The glass is made with a vacuum seal and double walls. They look pretty and are able to regulate temperature of both cold and hot drinks. We'll seriously consider buying some more of these in larger sizes, so thanks for introducing us Carte Noire.

I shall leave you with these coffee* buddies:

*ok, so they're actually drinking tea. But it's really cute and fits with the post better if you pretend it's coffee. So go with it.

(Like I said, Carte Noire sent me a beautiful box with 4 boxes of pods and 2 espresso glasses, but all the opinions in the post are mine, all mine.)

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