Sunday, 25 March 2012

Still here... on a Cheerful Sunday

Hello there.
I'm still here.
Still alive.
So's Linus.  And Ross.


I've been adjusting to new mommyhood.  It's going really well, but I haven't quite gotten around to adding blogging back into the mix.  I will.  This week.  I'm aiming to post at least 2 weekday posts in addition to my weekend posts.  I've got lots to tell you!  

This blog won't be going all-baby-all-the-time, but as it is about my life it will (I expect) have a large element of baby stuff.  I'll still be talking about cultural differences and things non-baby, but right now I'm pretty baby-focused so I make no promises ;)  But getting back to blogging is my reason to be cheerful this Sunday.

So, dear readers, what's new with you?
What are you cheerful about today?


  1. Eh, it is fine if it is about your baby, if someone doesn't want to read it they don't have to! I, on the other hand, love squishy new babies!

  2. Looking forward to more baby related posts actually!