Saturday, 10 March 2012

Tales of a New Mommy

My recovery has been great and I feel about 95% back to normal.  I'm already in my pre-pregnancy jeans!  It's pretty crazy.  Linus has been sleeping well and we're getting this nursing thing down.  The most helpful thing is that he likes to cluster feed (feed A LOT for a few hours) right before bed, so I can get a 4-5 hour chunk of sleep at night.  Hooray!  Usually then he'll feed at 6AM or so and then sleep for 2-3 more hours, so my sleep deprivation isn't bad at all.

Yesterday we went on our first family outing.  We took Linus to The Trafford Centre and then to Asda.  He slept through the whole thing.  It was insanely easy.  Ross and I walked around the mall and had a nice lunch together.  Our stroller is awesome and I could steer it with one hand and hold hands with Ross too.  I was a little nervous about how much Linus was sleeping, but I'm trying to take a laid-back attitude and assume that (in general) it's best to follow his lead on when to eat and when to sleep instead of forcing anything this early.

Then this morning.  This morning he woke up and wanted to eat for the Olympic trials.  I'm assuming he was making up for yesterday and tanking up.  I feel like I did nothing but feed him, switching sides back and forth for several hours.  After he was finally satiated, I handed him off to Ross and got in the shower.  While in the shower I discovered that the conditioner I bought at Asda yesterday is actually shampoo, so I'd shampooed my hair twice (but with different kinds of shampoo) and had no conditioner in the shower.  I was able to reach out and grab a little bottle of conditioner that I'd used in the hospital to save the day though!  I took my time luxuriating in the hot stream of water.  I turned off the water and realized Linus was crying.  Time for the milk machine to jump back into action.  I grabbed the towel and put it to my head only to find that I'd never actually washed the conditioner out.  Ugh.  Back into the shower I went.  A quick rinse and then I was back in action for another marathon feed.

So, what I'm saying is- I've got this motherhood thing down already!  See how smooth I am!?
I can't really complain as I feel like I've got it easy with a great husband and an adorable baby.  We're getting it.  Blogging isn't making the cut every day like it used to, but hopefully I'll be back more regularly soon.

Until then, here are some pictures:

love at first sight

teensy little man

first family outing


  1. Hair is the worst hardship you've endured? That's pretty good!

    But I might have to gag a little on the hand holding version of stroller pushing.

    You do sound like you are doing good, but you might reflect before comparing yourself to the stereotypes as having it down that you have things much easier, not having to work or take care of other family members or anything like that.

    1. Most 1st time moms "have things much easier" as they don't have another child running around to take care of as well. And who doesn't have at least a few weeks to a few months maternity leave off after the birth of a child to stay at home? Just because she doesn't have to go back to work after that typical leave doesn't make her any less a success. Why don't you reflect before judging and assuming her life is any easier than everyone elses?

  2. The pre-pregnancy jeans still has my brain blown. I think you're doing great and I'm liking y'all's attitude and approach.

    I guess my brain was already blown by you getting by largely in normal clothes where I'm already failing in some maternity shirts though, so I should just embrace that you manage to maintain control over your body in mind-boggling ways.