Monday, 1 October 2012

7 months

Dear Sweet Boy,

I've only just gotten used to telling people that you're 6 months old and now you're 7 months old! The time continues to fly by. I love spending time with you and getting to know your fun personality as it shows itself more.

You're really good at sitting up and moving around. You like to get into everything! You're still army crawling. You get up on all fours and rock sometimes, but still haven't figured out how to actually move in that position. You don't really need to though, because you're so fast and good at moving around in your own little way.

This month has held lots of new things. Not only have you started eating real food (which is super-fun, if a LOT of work!) but we've also finally made the switch to cloth diapers. So far we are really liking it! It's so much less wasteful, not to mention cheaper. It doesn't hurt that they look absolutely adorable. 

You're really into our faces and like to touch them and peer into our eyes. Usually you are gentle, but sometimes you get carried away and try to pull Daddy's nose off. You like to play and put your hand in my mouth while you're nursing and you love when I blow on your fingers. 

Going for Mommy's face

My favorite thing, I think, is that you are really starting to enjoy us. You get exciting when one of us comes into the room after having been away (even for a few minutes). Your face lights up and you let out a loud squeak of laughter. Sometimes when I'm holding you and Daddy comes in for a kiss you get so excited that you start flailing around, making it hard for Daddy to even give you that kiss. As ever, you two adore each other.

morning coffee buddies

You don't talk very much. You make infrequent, soft, babbling noises. I think you're going to starting talking more soon, though, as it seems to be increasing. You are the sweetest, more adorable, smartest, best little boy in the whole world in my opinion! Watching you change, grow, learn, and explore is just the coolest thing. 

Love you so much,

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