Thursday, 29 November 2012

Wish List

We were recently asked by some family members to update our Linus Wish List on Amazon so that people could send Christmas (and not to far away birthday!!!!) presents for our little guy. As I was updating, it got me thinking about my own wish list. Now that Linus is on the scene, I find that most things I can think of to put on my list are really for Linus, or at least Linus-related.

And so I struggled to think of things that I wanted for me. I only partly succeeded. Here is my list, with varying degrees of "for me-ness".

1. One of my biggest wants is an Ergo baby carrier.

I've already talked about how much I love our Babasling. Now that Linus is getting bigger and heavier, it isn't great for much longer than a short trip. The Ergo, while more expensive, is a favorite amongst moms and should last until Linus is 4. You can use it for front, back, and hip carries which is very intriguing. I'd really love to be able to wear Linus more often without sacrificing my back too much.

2. A haircut.

Every time I look at a picture of myself lately, all I can think is that I look pale and like I need a haircut. 

case in point

I haven't had my hair cut since Linus was a couple of weeks old. It is the longest it has ever been. I'm not planning on cutting it short, but it definitely needs some shaping and more layers. 

3. A sentimental piece of jewelry

It didn't happen when Linus was born or for my first Mother's Day (or my second... I got to celebrate both US and UK dates!), but I'm hoping for some little something to commemorate the birth of our first child. Not anything fancy or expensive, but just a little something special. Perhaps something with an aquamarine (Linus' birthstone) or an "L"? Who knows. I'm not really bothered what it is, but the thought of having a piece of jewelry specifically tied to Linus makes me smile.

And that's pretty much it. Sure, I'd like some other things. A cute new top or sweater. Some new boots. Every girl likes a bit of new in her life. I just find it funny that, increasingly, my thoughts turn to things for Linus rather than for me. It's only natural, I'm sure. I guess it's called being a mom!

Did you find that your wish list turned into mostly baby related items once you became a parent?
What's on your wish list right now?

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