Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Two Months

Dear Sweet Baby,
I cannot believe that you are two months old today.  You make my heart smile every day and I can't imagine my life without you (and millions of other lame cliches)!  It seems impossible that we've only known you for two months as I feel like you've always been a part of our family.

morning smiles!

Your sweet face makes me laugh and smile and burst with happiness.  You've been smiling for a few weeks now, but you've gotten really generous with them in the past couple of days- especially in the morning.  You're almost laughing, but not quite.  We can see it trying to well up and bubble out and can't wait to hear your little giggle.  You're also starting to interact with objects more.  You weren't into the things that hang from your play gym, but now you're looking at them and starting to reach out for them.

checking out the butterflies

Your daddy absolutely adores you.  He makes silly faces and dances around just to make you smile.  He cuddles you sweetly and gives you lots of kisses.  The other night he had a dream that you told him not to kiss you on your "bopper".  Apparently your bopper was the side of your forehead.  So now we love to give you bopper kisses.  Daddy is also The Burp Whisperer.  He's so good at getting your burps out- way better than mommy!  Daddy is a real softie, so try not to take advantage of him too much.

making pouty faces together in your hoodies

I look at you in wonder and can't believe that we made you with our love!  You always hear people say that you can't understand this love until you have a child on your own and it's true.  I find myself telling you how much I love you throughout each day.  I look at daddy and say "Look at this awesome baby!  I quite like him!"  We love to have family snuggles in bed in the morning before we start the day.  

There are times when you try my patience- mostly when you are having a growth spurt and want to eat constantly.  You'll eat and then fall asleep for just long enough for me to get settled and then wake up and want to eat all over again.  Sometimes it drives me crazy, but a few seconds later you look up at me and my heart just melts.  We're very lucky that you only really cry when you are hungry.  You're a pretty easy baby so far and for that, we thank you.  You are super snuggly and sweet and I love to hold you close.  I hold you on my chest and rub my face on your soft soft hair.  When you hang out with Daddy you like to lay in the crook of his crossed leg and look up at his face.  

Cute face

You're growing so fast.  I just packed away your newborn clothes and you're moving up to clothes that were huge when you were first born.  It makes me sad to say goodbye to your sweet newborn days, but excited to see what lies ahead.  I know that the fun is only just beginning!

Our first family portrait

We've decided we'll keep you.  Well done!
Mommy  (I'm sure you'll wind up calling me Mummy eventually, but for now it's Mommy.)

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  1. This is so sweet! I'm very happy for you guys. :)