Thursday, 21 June 2012

Baby Socks

It's not surprise, given Ross' love of socks that Linus is amassing quite a collection.  Ross is in charge of baby sock procurement and has done an excellent job.  There are just so many cute options out there for baby socks.  I mentioned to a friend the other day that socks may be the only baby item category where boy stuff is cuter than girl stuff.

Patriotic Socks for the Jubilee

Socks that look like sneakers

Linus has socks that go with just about every outfit he has and we quite enjoy putting together his daily "looks".  I figure socks aren't a bad indulgence to have since they are rarely more than a couple of pounds for a pack and he doesn't outgrow them too quickly.  In fact, some of the cutest socks we have for him are from Primark (a bargain clothing store here in the UK).  This little bin, usually in the dresser drawer, hold his sock collection:

my hand included for scale

It may not look like much, but when socks are that tiny, a little bin holds a LOT of socks!  In general, I find that the UK has much cuter socks than the US.  Now that might sound weird, but it's definitely true of men's socks.  Trying to find brightly coloured men's socks in the US is nearly impossible.  You can find some if you order on the internet, but they aren't found in the average department store like they are here.  Ross would always be sad when we visited Target and saw the fun women's socks, but not a bright color or pattern could be found for the men.  I'm not sure if it's true of baby socks too, since I haven't looked at baby socks in the US that extensively.  What I can tell you, is that we've procured the cutest baby socks ever.  Behold:

Beefeaters, Royal Guardsmen, and Bobby Socks

Do you have any baby socks that could rival these?  Seriously, if so tell me so we can get them too :)
What's your accessory weakness?

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