Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Obligatory Jubilee Post

As every blogger in the UK has no doubt told you, this weekend was the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  We had bank holidays on Monday and Tuesday in honour of Her Majesty and there were celebrations galore.  There was a flotilla on the River Thames, a huge concert in front of Buckingham Palace, and a church service of Thanksgiving amongst other things.

We tried to celebrate by going into Manchester to watch the flotilla with others on a big screen, but sadly the weather meant that was a bust.  Not only was it wet, it was unseasonably cold!

Check out those thronging crowds!

We stayed for a bit and then headed back home to watch on the TV, but Linus was still decked out in his British best to mark the occasion.

Perhaps my favourite part of the Jubilee has been all of the neat specials they've been airing.  There have been tons of great TV specials on the air lately- looking back at the Queen's reign and showing interviews with her nearest and dearest.  I especially enjoyed one that showed Charles watching old family home movies and reminiscing about his childhood.  He came across as relaxed and nice and warm.  It was evident the affection he has towards his mother. 

That has been the biggest takeaway from the Jubilee.  The enormous affection towards the Queen- from her family and her subjects.  I mean sure there are those that are anti-Monarchy, but by and large the feeling has been really positive.  The Brits aren't generally as demonstrably patriotic as Americans, but when they show their love for their country, they go all out!  There was definitely a positive buzz in the air.

How did you celebrate the Jubilee?


  1. I've watched some of the coverage and been a little jealous that you guys over there get to experience such a cool event! :)

    1. It has definitely been an exciting time!