Monday, 3 September 2012

6 Months

Dear Liney,

You turned 6 months old this past Saturday! I know it's always the case with babies, but I really can't believe that you are already half a year old. The time is flying by! We didn't do anything special to celebrate really. Daddy did some work and then we went into town with him to mail out parcels.  We went to lunch at the Illy Cafe, which was completely deserted!

You love each other so much!

A tomato and mozzarella pannini to celebrate!

So that cold that I mentioned last month... you're fine now, but it's messed up your sleep terribly! You magically started taking all your naps in the crib, but haven't slept through the night in a month. To be honest, I am really ready for you to go back to your awesome all-night sleeping. I think we're getting there. You're back down to one wake up most nights, so lets keep that going. Fingers crossed! 

We think you are teething, but no actual teeth have shown up yet. You are very drooly and love to put things in your mouth and chew on them. There are times when I can tell you are really in pain, which I hate. Usually your icy keys or ring do the trick to make things better.

This month you had your first night away from home since you came home from the hospital. Don't worry! We came with you! We went to Wales for Daddy's birthday and you stayed in a hotel for the first time. You would have been happier (and so would we!) if it had been a little cooler, but there was no A/C in the hotel. You did a good job in the car on the way there, but hated the drive back home. You screamed almost the whole way, only stopping when we pulled over and got you out to stretch and have something to eat.  

That look on Daddy's face is because he can't stand to hear you cry.

We've made it to 6 month with you being exclusively breastfed. This makes me really happy. I know it's so good for you and it makes me proud to know that I've helped you grow to more than double your birth weight without any outside help. We're very lucky that we haven't really had any big problems. You'll keep getting breast milk until you're a year, but you'll also be starting solid foods soon. That should be really fun!

You're still a sweet, happy boy. You are very giggly and love when we shower you with attention (which is a LOT!). You love raspberries anywhere on your body and adore when I turn you upside down and give you kisses. You do a very sweet face when I kiss you where your mouth opens up and your eyes blink really big. It's a great encouragement to cover you with kisses (not that I need much)! 

You still haven't totally gotten the hang of sitting up, but you're getting close. You like to sit up and either hold onto a hand or lean against Mommy or Daddy. You are getting better at moving around. You've stopped doing your sweet inch worm movements and are now army crawling. You are very fast and very inquisitive. You're into everything, which means Mommy and Daddy are working hard to make things neat and safe.

You got a doorway bouncer this month too. Since we've had to retire the bouncy chair (you kept almost launching yourself out of it) this is our only "baby containment device" besides the crib. You love to bounce in it. It's great for when I need to do some stuff in the kitchen as I can interact with you and do the dishes or cook. 

You are just now figuring out what is happening when we Skype with Grandma and Grandpa. You used to not really interact, but lately I can tell that you can see them and react to what they do and say. We talk nearly every Sunday and it's a real treat. It's so fun to watch you smile and laugh and reach for the camera. I know they miss you terribly and can't wait to hold you again.

My sweet sweet baby, you have changed so much in the last 6 months. I can only imagine how much fun, love, and laughter the next 6 months will hold!

March 1, 2012

Sept. 1, 2012

I love you so much!

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