Thursday, 6 September 2012

A proud moment

Long-time readers may remember that Ross likes to amuse himself in somewhat unorthodox methods. Well, the other day Ross had been having a bit of a rough time. Nothing major, just not a great day. We got home from being out and about and I went to change Linus' diaper. As I was doing so, the home phone rang and Ross answered it.

I heard Ross talking, but didn't hear exactly what he was saying. As I finished up, he wandered back. He looked at me, with a sly twinkle in his eye. I knew immediately what was up. He was talking to a telemarketer. It was a PPI Claims call. For those who don't know, there's big business in companies trying to help you claim "mis-sold payment protection insurance". Basically, if you had a loan or credit card you may have been sold PPI incorrectly and are now able to claim it back. Which means that companies call you trying to get you to file claims with them so they can take a portion of any money you are entitled to. It's very irritating. I heard "A loan? No... I'm here with Meg and Linus." (See what he did there? A loan. Alone. Heeheehee.) He mischievously waggled his eyebrows at me. He's got very comedic eyebrows*, my husband.

one of his last stand up gigs (he's currently indefinitely no hiatus)

He wandered away and shortly afterwards he let out a gleeful giggle and and came back to see me. He looked so amused and couldn't stop laughing. He explained that, after a few minutes of his shenanigans, the woman on the other end of the line had declared, "You know what, Ross? You're bull$h*t!" Now, he's gotten many a caller to hang up on him before, but he'd never achieved this kind of name calling before. He'd told her she was right and that he was in fact bull$h*t. Now, he proudly declares from time to time: "I'm bull$h*t!" It makes him happy every time. I don't know that any telemarketer interaction will ever live up to this one.

My name is Meg and my husband is bull$h*t.
Has anyone ever delivered an unexpectedly amusing insult to you?

*Oooh, ooh. I've got another great Ross story about eyebrows! I'll tell it to you later. 


  1. Grr, I don't like those calls; they seem to be the only ones who use our home phone. In the US, we could tell them to 'take us off your list', but here it is just a recorded voice talking - how did he get so lucky to actually hear a real person talking? :)

    1. Yep, we usually don't answer the home line because it's almost always telemarketers of some kind. I don't know how he ends up with real people, but it happens fairly frequently. Though we did get an automated one today. Here's hoping we've ended up on a list of "People Who Are Bull$h*t" and they'll leave us alone :)

  2. Great that you're so proud about being dicks to people, well done. You will be bringing that child up in such a rounded and pleasant atmosphere.

    1. I'm just thinking of the pleasure you've missed out on in posting that anonymously...