Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My funny valentine

One of the things I totally dig about the UK (That's right.  I like things about life here.  I mention them fairly often.  Ha!) is the radio.  When we were dating, Ross often talked about how the radio in the UK is superior to that in the US.  I never really understood what he was talking about or how the radio here could be any different...

Then I came over and I realized that the radio here IS better!  I think part of the difference is that their are lots of BBC stations.  Each one is geared to different demographics and plays different types of music.  The station that we listen to is BBC2 which is a mix of talk, news, and popular music.  The popular music that gets played seems to have a far more wide-reaching playlist than the average radio station in the US.  Don't get me wrong, you'll still hear the same songs over and over again from time to time, but you hear songs from different eras and more varied artists.  

Lately, Radio 2 has been playing Paul McCartney(or Macca as he's affectionately known)'s new single.  His new album has a simple jazzy style that is really nice.  I'm sharing this song with you today in honor of Valentine's Day.  

(Also, it wouldn't be me if I didn't get in a public proclamation of how much I adore my own sweet funny Valentine of a husband.  I love you Ross!  You're my favourite.  I like you!  You are the one I like!)

Hope you're all having a lovely day full of some type of love or other.


  1. finally, something you like.

  2. I get the radio thing. Vern tells me about the radio he listens to all the time, comedy programs, specific types of music... the radio sucks where I live. All I can find are stations and stations of country music (Aaaaaakkkk!!!) classic rock or limited pop songs. Blah. At least where I used to live we had an 80's station.