Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Poetry for Sanity

For the most part, I don't miss my job.  There were plenty of headaches and a micromanaging (if generally sweet) boss.  I did get to play data detective with my buddy Abu, which was fun.  Most importantly, though I had a partner in crime.  She and I were the project managers on the study we ran and worked together pretty closely.  We had a fair amount of overlap on our jobs and knew how to do most things that the other did.  I focused more on data and she focused more on patient care.  Over the course of working together we became good friends.  She was even one of my bridemaids.

in my old office, circa 2009

She stopped working in the lab shortly before I did because she'd had her first baby and was going to be staying home with him and finishing up her certification to be a fully licensed Psychologist.  I was glad that I was leaving a mere couple of weeks later as it just wasn't the same without her.

We really bonded over a similar strong work ethic, sense of humour and respect for each other.  Eventually, we even jokingly referred to ourselves as "Mindy" (a Brangelina-like portmanteau of Meg and Cindy) when asked for our joint insight or opinion on a matter.

We supported each other through some rocky times at the office, personally and professionally.  One thing we started doing to relieve stress was compose poetry.  We'd generally stick to haiku, but we'd also have "Limerick Fridays".

Today we were reminiscing on Facebook and she posted my most spectacular haiku.  We were dealing with an... interesting... and ... challenging co-worker who regularly drove us up the wall.  The haiku were integral to our composure being maintained.

Would you like to read my work of literary genius?  I thought you might...

The prepositions
dangle like the frail thread of
my very last nerve.

Good, huh?  I thought about seeking publication.  (I hope you realize I'm not really this cocky... just being silly... you know... for humour)  Our co-worker viewed herself as a highly skilled communicator/writer, but was notorious for leaving multiple dangling prepositions.  I swear, sometimes the haiku were all that kept Mindy from shaking this girl!

Have you ever engaged in creative sublimation to get through a tough time?
Do you like to write poetry?  Is it any good, or just silly, like mine?

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