Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Nursery Inspiration: Sneak Peak!

I told y'all ages ago that I had a vision for the nursery.  A vision that booted my awesome jungle roller-blind fabric out of my nursery plans.  I've also told you that we are making slow, but sure progress in the nursery.  That progress has continued and I've been slowly amassing the elements of my vision.

To the naked eye, the nursery still looks a shambles.  The twin bed is still in it.  The cotcrib is still in it's box and we don't have a mattress (YET!  It's ordered and on the way...).  But I've got full confidence that the final coming-together will happen fast.  It's only a matter of getting rid of the last few things and moving the other things into place.  I'm a decorating ninja!  And since the fully-decorated nursery has existed in my mind for several months now, it's just a matter of making it reality.  And that's the easy part. :)

So now, let's talk theme.  I'm not good at concise themes.  In fact, I've decided that I object to themes and only will speak of them in quotes.  Our wedding's "theme" was Glamorous Vibrant Elegant Bold Colors with a Quirky Twist.  Or something like that.  Our nursery "theme" is Vintage Childhood Nostalgia.  Now, what does that mean?  And how did we pick it?

To answer the first question, I present some pictures of things from my stash:

A vintage Tom (& Jerry) Jack in the Box

A sweet little mirrored Paddington wall plaque

An old-school Ernie

Awesome metallic postcards, framed

Metal 7 Dwarves

A close up of Dopey.  The figures have a great patina and aged quality.

Framed postcards of stamps showing famous Children's stories:
The 3 Bears, Peter Rabbit, and Rupert Bear

To answer the second... Well it was a combination of factors really.  It all started from Ross talking about finding some neat old animation cells to frame.  Ironically that hasn't happened.  It was the jumping off point for the concept because I was trying to figure out how to incorporate cartoons without going too "theme-y" or being too cheesy.  Then I started looking around at the stuff that we already had on hand.  I realized that Ross already had a huge stockpile of collectibles that fell into the category of Vintage Childhood Nostalgia.  I needed some place for all these things to go anyway... what could be cooler than incorporating all of these cherished possessions into our son's nursery.  I haven't purchased anything in those pictures above (frugality bonus!).  Ross had all of them on hand!  I've cleaned things up a bit and re-framed stuff- in frames we already had, but I've found a wealth of great stuff in our home.  By keeping things firmly in the vintage and nostalgia categories, I'm hoping to avoid tacky (in my opinion, but to each their own) cartoon "theme".  So I'm mixing silver and brassy-gold and bright colors and hoping to end up with something charming, whimsical, and super-cute.  I'll keep you posted on how it turns out!

So, how do you feel about themes/"themes"?


  1. Meg I love the nursery "theme" and all of your treasures are darling. Just FYI, your "old-school Ernie" is actually and Old School Bert :)

    1. Thanks Lauren! And total brain fart on Bert vs. Ernie... Thanks for setting me straight :)

  2. This must be so much fun to do, i hope you're excited :-) x

  3. This must be sooooo much fun to do! I hope you're excited :-) x

  4. I actually love this theme. I haven't seen anyone else go this route, they always want new and unused. This seems a great way to bring some of our childhood things into the next generation. And as far as the Bert vs. Ernie thing, just blame pregnancy brain!