Friday, 17 February 2012

The Wall

You guys... I've finally hit the wall of my pregnancy.  You know that wall where all of a sudden the simplest things exhaust me.  Where I'm feeling BIG.  Where I'm frustrated by my lack of physical stamina.

37 weeks, 3 days

One Wednesday we went to Ikea.  Finally!  I'd been waiting and waiting.  We got a bookcase for our lounge (pictured above) and the chest of drawers for the nursery.  By the time we left, I was practically hobbling and certainly huffin' and puffin'.  

On Thursday, I got up and met two new friends that I met through the birth classes.  We walked around nearby Heaton Park (Europe's largest municipal park) which was really cool.  It was great walking weather and there were fields and some animals.  There was good conversation and then a stop for refreshment.  We each had a slice of tasty carrot cake.  I was jokingly accused of being posh because I got a plastic fork to eat mine with, rather than just using my hands.  The park seems like a great place to go walking with kids (especially given the insane number of mums with prams and toddlers that we saw) and is only 2 tram stops away from us.

After the walk, I was tired, but determined to construct the bookcase.  And it damn near killed me.  I never thought putting together a simple Billy Bookcase would do me in, but it nearly did.  It was so frustrating because it was the first time I've truly felt physically hampered by my pregnancy.  Not that I can really complain, given that I made it to 37.5 weeks before hitting this wall.  I attributed it to the walk plus the bookcase being too much for me.

But then today, we did a little shopping and by the time we got home I was knackered!  I guess it's just hit that point for me and I should cut myself a little slack and succumb to it.  Thankfully, I am still happy to be pregnant.  I've heard other women talking about hitting a secondary wall of "Dear God, just get the baby out! I'm so over being knocked up."  I'm curious about whether I'll get to that one or if the baby will come before I hit it.

When did you hit "the wall"?
Did you ever hit the second wall?
Did you notice that part where I slipped it in a sly and subtle and cool about my new friends (FRIENDS! TWO!)?


  1. Are you sure the accusation was jokingly? :-P

    Gotta be honest, the people at the second wall make me a bit agitated unless they are overdue or having placental degradation or similar because really in your discomfort worth life long potential disabilities and challenges to your children?

    Nowhere near those who whine and complain from you know day 7 of pregnancy though.

  2. The number of early full-term and late preterm babies that came through the NICU and some of which still dealt with respiratory distress, brain hemorrhages and NEC just kinda makes me boil. Because we know what causes pregnancy folks.

  3. PS I'm not ranting at you. You're a good person.