Monday, 2 July 2012

4 Months

Dear Linilous,

You turned four months old yesterday.  We still love you.  A lot.

You're so fun and smiley.  You have the best facial expressions.  We love to just sit and make faces at each other!  (What can I say?  We lead a very exciting life here at Casa Ameringlish.)  You'll sometimes go through a whole range of emotions and accompanying expressions in a matter of seconds.  Your hair is getting thicker and filling in a lot more and your hairline is more defined now.  You never really lost your hair, but you do have a little bald spot on the back of your hair from rubbing.

Coy baby.

You are developing so much and the last month has been chock full of new stuff.  You have now mastered rolling (both back to front and front to back).  You even rolled fully over one time, but have been unwilling to do it again since then.  You're getting more control over it and figuring out how to do it on purpose which is really cool.  You're also reaching and grabbing for things, like the toys hanging from your play gym.  It's so fun to watch you start to notice the world around you.

You were slightly suspicious of the purple birdie.

This month we went to see the Olympic Torch pass through our neighborhood.  You didn't seem overly-impressed (which was fair, as it wasn't that great...), but it's still fun to take you to things like that.  We realize you won't remember doing them, but we still feel obligated to expose you to cultural and social events.

Just before the torch passed by us.

You are so sweet and loving.  You've started to really get excited when you see us.  The other day I went to the restroom at the grocery store and when I walked up to you and daddy you broke out in the biggest smile.  It almost made me cry right in the middle of Asda.  I have been known to get weepy just looking at you and thinking how much I love you.  I have a feeling this may continue for the rest of your life.

We sing you silly songs and dance around.  You're just starting to make talking noises.  Right now they are the softest sweetest coos and gurgles.  You go for long periods being quiet, but then you burst into a string of noises.  It always makes me smile.  

You make me smile.  

I love you!


  1. Beutiful baby! I love the pictures and I love you all. Keep up the good work, I love your Blog and I love you three.
    Love and kisses,
    Great Grandmother in California
    G.G. Msrcotte

    1. correction for above
      G. Marcotte