Thursday, 5 July 2012

MVPs of 0-4 Months

Now that Linus has made it through the first 4 months of life, I thought I'd let y'all know what I consider to be our MVPs.  Ross and I made an effort to avoid the pull of "MUST.HAVE.ALL.THE.THINGZ!!!!" when it comes to baby gear and I'm proud to say that we've done a pretty darn good job.

There are so many items out there, but you really don't NEED that many things at all.   Here is my list of stuff that has been invaluable in Linus' first 4 months.

I already discussed my love of them in another post, so I won't go on about them...

The Boppy pillow and the GlamourMom nursing tank are both being put to use in this picture.  I use the Boppy for every feeding while at home and practically live in the nursing tanks.  Linus is also starting to enjoy using the Boppy to be propped up so he can be nosy.

The other big winner for us has been the Fisher Price Precious Planet Playtime Bouncer.  We have about 8 million pictures of Linus in this bouncy chair.  He slept in it a ton when he was a tiny newborn.  I think he liked that it was at angle and sort of hugged him.  Though he sleeps at night in his crib, he still naps in the bouncy chair (I know, I know... we need to transition to the crib...).  He loves to sit in this chair and we've definitely gotten good use out of it.

This product is hardly a must-have, but I love it nonetheless.  It's the one real splurge that I went for, but the ease of using it makes it worth it (in my opinion).  The BabySmart Cooshee Changing Pad is awesome.  It isn't available in the UK, so I contacted the company in the US.  They put me in touch with a supplier in the Czech Republic who worked to ship me one.  The foam material wipes clean easily and Linus strangely love being on it.  I don't know what it is, but he breaks into a huge smile whenever a put him down on it!

After bath time

Early days

The final product that we've used a ton isn't exactly a traditional baby product, but has been very useful.  I don't have a picture of it, but here's one from the Holland & Barrett website:

This is the only product we've used on Linus' skin.  I use it to massage him every night before bed.  I also use it on any redness on his bottom and any little scratches he's given himself with his fingernails.  I've not had any problems that this stuff couldn't fix.  I also put it on his forehead and cheeks to help keep his sinuses clear when he's stuffy.  I even use it on my wrists when they're sore from carpal tunnel pain.  This stuff is miraculous, a great moisturiser, and it smells great!

And that's it.  Those are my top products for our first four months.
What products worked great for you?
Anything that came in handy as baby got bigger?


  1. Yes, bouncy chair, boppy and a good changing station. Now that he's five months one if those exersaucers keeps him busy and we've got a bouncy swing in the kitchen doorway so that I can "do" things. You know, make food and wash dishes. But both of those were luckily hand me downs, we are lucky to have older cousins.

    1. I've been giving thought to an exersaucer type thing, but can't decide if we really NEED it. They're just SO BIG! and we don't have that much open floor space... but I do think we need some sort of containment device :)