Sunday, 12 August 2012

Cheerful Sunday

Linus is finally doing all his sleeping in the crib! He's been sleeping nights in the crib for quite some time, but we hadn't managed successful naps in it until this week.
He even threw in some cute "Butt in The Air" sleeping for the first time today!

He's back to sleeping through the night after a cold messed his sleep up last week... though I'd be even more cheerful if he'd stop waking up at 5AM!


  1. Awww! But don't you worry about SIDS with him sleeping like that? I guess if it's not all the time, then it's ok.

    1. Riza, Hi! I never put him down on his stomach, but he always rolls over onto it. I couldn't stop him if I tried! Once they have good enough head and body control to roll over on their own there isn't any "rule" about SIDS and stomach sleeping.