Wednesday, 7 September 2011

WFW: The Boys Portraits

While the girls were still getting pretty, the photographers wrangled to boys into the church's lovely courtyard for the boy portraits.  As usual, they weren't quite sure what to do in the pictures and it took them awhile to get warmed up.

Once they loosened up, they were their goofy selves.  Complete with classic facial expressions.

This gave way to some traditional "pointing pictures".  What?  You didn't get those at your wedding.  They're totally in right now.  Or not.  And Ross is just and odd duck.

At least one where people look happy.  Well, everyone except my brother.

And finish the group shots off with a nice laughing shot.

Next came a shot of Ross with each groomsman.

Of course, Ross couldn't resist needling my brother a little and they took some nice hand-holding pictures (much to Matt's chagrin).

 Some pictures with Uncle Jeff.

And then my handsome groom got a quick moment in the spotlight.

And with that, they were done with their portrait obligations and headed back down to the basement for some final touches.

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