Wednesday, 26 October 2011

WFW: Post Ceremony Portraits

Once the ceremony was over, Ross and I floated on a cloud of love into the Fellowship Hall for a quick semi-private moment.

I love how Melanie (the church's educator and wedding coordinator) is standing guard.

All of the wedding party and family joined us in the Fellowship Hall so we could let the crowd head on to the cocktail hour at the reception while we took pictures.

And now, possibly the greatest and best representation of how my dad was the whole day.  So sweet!

Awkward side hug, avoiding eye contact to avoid tears.

Side glance and a laugh.

Tears after parting.

After the narthex cleared, we hustled back into the sanctuary to knock out the boring posed family pictures.  I have our photographer instructions to power through and get us done in 30 minutes or less.  I am happy to say we easily accomplished this goal!

With my Grandmother

With my G'ma and Papa

With my family

Just us with my parents

Everyone at the wedding who was related to us.

It was at this point that Ross started to get a little emotional.  He'd warned me that he thought this would be one of the hardest parts of the day for him.  He was really missing his parents and sister, so he looked at me with slight panic in his eyes and said "Say something to distract me".  I couldn't think of anything to say to I just made a silly face and said "Wacka, wacka!"  It worked a charm and got him smiling for the rest of the pictures.

My dad's side of the family.

My mom's side of the family.

Us with our ring bearers.  I love how Lliam is playing with my veil.

...and adding in their parents.  It had been a long day for the boys and these pics took 
the very last bit of their ability to be well-behaved.

Us with the Bridesmaids.

And a silly one with Ross and the girls

Us with the groomsmen

A silly one with the maids and men

A sneaky shot of the newlyweds

Look how much we like each other!

Rings in place!

And with that we were done with the formal portraits.  I hustled to get bustled (heh!) with some help from my maids and house party.  It was no mean feat, considering my dress had something like 12 ties.  Once that was done, we hoped on our trolley and headed to the Starlight Room to join the party!

(As always, all photos in my wedding posts are by Shari Hunt Photography, unless otherwise stated)

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