Monday, 3 October 2011

Waiting Game pt. 4

So how did you like them apples?
We liked 'em a lot here at the Ameringlish house.

I'll tell you the longer version of that story now.  Because I like to overshare.  Whatever.

As I mentioned, I'd been feeling off for the last couple of weeks.  It was really messing with my head and I wasn't trusting my instincts because of the prior month's weirdness.  While Ross and I were eating our lunches on  Wednesday, I was a bit down.  He asked what was up and I confessed that I was sick of not feeling good, but not being pregnant.  Ross then asked if that meant I thought I wasn't pregnant.  I admitted that I had no idea.  It was driving me batty.  We decided that we'd go to see the doctor if this month was a no-go too.

Later in the afternoon, I decided to go for a little walk over to the nearby shopping centre.  I wanted to clear my head and get some air.  Once I got there I bought a bottle of water (I'd been unusually thirsty for the past few days).  Then, on the spur of the moment, I walked into the Superdrug and bought a pack of 2 pregnancy tests.  I went back to the Costa Coffee where I'd bought the water and sat down to drink it.

Once I was done, I nervously went into the bathroom and did the deed.  I figured it was still several days before my period was due, so there wasn't much chance of a positive result.  I thought I'd put the test in my pocket and by the time I'd done the quick walk back to the warehouse to see Ross, it would have developed.    Wrong!  Before I was done washing my hands I was looking at 2 bright pink lines.  In shock, I grabbed the stick, put it in my pocket and practically ran back to Ross.

As I approached the warehouse, I saw the guy who picks up our shipments in his big yellow van.  I thought he was heading towards us to do his afternoon pick up.  "Oh no!"  I thought, "He's going to get there right when I do and then I'm going to have to wait to tell Ross... and I might die!!!! OMG LOLZ blarahghg!"  Then the van turned to go the other way.  Whew!

I bounded into the front door to find Ross sitting and having a little break.  He took one look at my face and said "You seem bouncier."  I whipped out my Pink Pee Stick of Victory and shoved it in his face.  "LOOOK!"  I saw the confusion pass over his eyes.  Ross later told me that his initial thought was that it was a beauty product of some sort and that he was trying to figure out if it was some kind of blush or something- since he knew I needed more blush.  In less than a second, though, my smart man had figured it out (or "twigged it", which I find to be a charming expression).  Ross looked closer and said, "Is that positive?"

As if I'd have been that "bouncy" for a negative!  Duh.  I then explained to Ross how to read and pregnancy test and how it works.  Then we were happy.


*Blaargh.  I know that's totally cheesy, but I'm allowed.  Squeeeeee!


  1. I have to say not only was this a funny story, but it was really really lovely as well.


  2. Yay, very excited for you! :)

  3. So I just found your blog while searching for other Americans living in the UK -- i just moved to edinburgh from kentucky, though my husband is from Texas -- and saw this post first. Big congratulations:) So strange too because we had just started talking about, um, ttc and then your blog pops up. love it! looking forward to reading more:)