Wednesday, 5 October 2011

WFW: Final touches

Once we were done taking pictures, we headed back to the parlour for a few final minutes.

Ross' cousin Debra said some very sweet words to me about how happy Ross' parents and sister would have been.  I knew when she prefaced it with "I don't want to make you cry..." that it was all over.

 Then it was time for a final touch up of lip gloss.

And a last sip of water.

Meanwhile, the boys were back to the basement after their pictures.

The boys got pinned.

You can see in this picture that some of the girls were called in for bout back-up.

Ross discovers a little surprise that I had the florist attach to his bout.

It's a little heart shaped locket with a picture of his sister Bev on her wedding day and his parents on theirs.  He got a little misty, I'm told.

Ben, the minister, gathered the guys around for a few last minute instructions.

I love this picture because Ross looks so nervous and Ben looks like he's saying "You alright there?"

And this one because my dad's face says, "You aren't running out are you?"

And just like that... it was time.
The ladies headed to the Fellowship Hall. 

 And the men headed up the stairs to the sanctuary.

Let's do this!
Next up, we process.

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