Monday, 24 October 2011

Target Dreams: Maternity Style

You all know already of my deep and abiding love for Target.

Since I've been pregnant, I've lamented the loss of my beloved store all over again.
I've always thought the maternity clothes available at Target were an awesome combo of stylish and inexpensive.  As the weather turns chillier, I'm dreaming of cute and cosy new clothes.

This sweater dress is so awesome!  A sweet ruffle detail makes it special.  A wrap design makes it practical.  And hot pink makes it fun, fun, fun!  Perfect for looking dressed up and being cozy all at the same time.

I'm totally in love (no, make that luuurve) with this sweater.  It's so cheerful and cute and if you can't wear horizontal stripes when you're pregnant, when can you?

And yes, I realize shoes aren't technically "maternity clothes", but how adorable would these be with the sweater above?!  Besides, flats become more and more necessary as pregnancy progresses, so that sort of counts, right?

You'd think maternity coats would be everywhere, living in a colder climate like England, but I haven't found that to be the case.  For now, my old coats are working, but I'm not sure how long that will last!  I could channel my inner Little Red Riding Hood in this bold jacket.

So far, my maternity clothes have mostly come from Next which has gotten the job done.  It's pretty frustrating to me the lack of brick and mortar maternity clothing stores.  It's hard enough to order clothes online usually, but when you're pregnant you really do need to try things on to see if they fit!  There are a couple of places, but the have a small selection and tend to be expensive (Mamas & Papas, I'm looking at you!).

And finally, I'll leave you with something else from Target.  Perhaps little Baby Ameringlish needs this for the nursery to remember where mom comes from!

Did you have a hard time finding maternity clothes?
What are/were your favourite places to find cute clothing?


  1. I must admit - I found Target really helpful during pregnancy. Also, Forever 21 Maternity was a great cheap alternative and I got a lot of pieces there. I also recently discovered that ASOS has a maternity line - although I am expecting my first non-preggo piece in the mail anytime soon to see if they are worth ordering from again. You should be able to get their pieces! Not sure how pricey they are.

  2. I think ASOS might even be a British company... they used to advertise during America's Next Top Model marathons when I first moved here! I'll check them out :)