Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Makes me giggle

Today, in honour of my Dad's birthday (Happy Birthday, old man!) I'm going to share with you a video.  I love making my dad laugh.  He's got a great sense of humour, but many people don't realize it because he's pretty quiet by nature.  He gets this twinkle in his eyes and usually leans back in his chair and tries to suppress his laugh by putting a hand over his mouth.  It's one of the great feelings known to man to achieve an actual, audible laugh from him.

I don't keep up with Saturday Night Live these days and there isn't really an equivalent here in the UK.  A friend of mine brought this little sketch to my attention.  We used to work together and had some experiences with younger employees in the office and their lack of world experience and this reminded her of those times.  I giggled a lot and I hope you do to.

In honour of my dad, I request that you lean back and put a hand across your mouth if you do feel a laugh escaping.

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