Saturday, 28 January 2012

Word of the Week


(is what I'd proudly declare as a 5 year old)

Definition:  An accessory worn for either fashion or political reasons, adorned with images or words, generally affixed to clothing or bags via a pin on the back
Used in a sentence:  At TGI Fridays, they used to call buttonbadges that they wore as part of the unifore "pieces of flare".


  1. Are what Americans think of as badges still called badges or are they called something else in the UK? As in, "Dashing-But-Troubled-Rogue-Cop, you're off the case. Hand in your gun and your badge."

  2. My sources (Ok, fine, Ross) say that this is also a badge. I guess it makes sense as the two items are fairly similar...

  3. Thanks. Fair enough, since button has multiple meanings over here.

    1. Oops! My source has amended his statement! After some reflection, he says that while law enforcement personnel do have badges here, the more important official bit is the "warrant card". They are like a photo ID that shows their rank, department, etc.
      He also said, ironically, rank is often denoted on the uniform through the type of buttons on the epaulettes.