Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My New Toy

I totally won a Kindle!
Remember this post? Well, the kind people at Thomas Cook decided that my post was a winner.

Just a few days ago, I got my new toy in the mail and I'm already putting it to use.  Ross has declared that it looks more magical than an iPad, because of the E Ink.  I turned on my shiny Kindle and was faced with a dilemma.  (A minor one, sure... but a dilemma nonetheless)  It asked me to select what language I'd like my Kindle to be in.  The automatically highlighted choice was "English (US)".  Just below, was the option "English (UK)".  I wavered for a moment... unsure which to select.  After just a brief hesitation I moved the cursor down (ok, I actually jabbed at the screen with my finger until I realised it wasn't a touch screen and THEN used the arrow button to scroll down) and selected "English (UK)".  I figured I live here, so my Kindle should be in the language of my adopted country.  Also... Ross pointed out that I might have trouble with the system if I didn't say UK, since I'd be using Amazon.co.uk and not .com.   But, really, I'd already decided before he told me that.  I wondered if this decision was a true sign of me fully adopting my new country.  (I don't think it was anything that profound.  I really like living here and feel quite at home and have for some time!)  But the thought was still there.

I've already downloaded several free books (and even finished reading one) and am really enjoying the Kindle.  I think the one-handed reading will come in handy during feedings and comforting sessions!

Have you had any small decisions that indicated that you'd fully adopted your new home country?
Have you hesitated and put way more thought than necessary into options to pick for something relatively insignificant?
Does anyone know why some Kindle books are SOOO expensive?  (Seriously... It's only a download!)


  1. Congrats! Your post was totally deserving. Enjoy!

  2. This post is so offensive to people who don't have kindles. How could you be so offensive? HOW?????......(haha, not really, I like it and I like your winning blog!)

    1. HAHAHahahahahah! You totally got me with the first part! I was like "WTF?!" Thanks for the laugh, friendly anon :)

    2. Gah, you are an insensitive soul. Can't you see they are hurting and trying to cover their pain with laughter?!?

  3. That's awesome to see someone who doesn't know you who appreciates the blog and HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR! They got me at first too. People like that are the reason you haven't blocked anonymous posts. Awesome!

  4. Congrats! I got one over Christmas and am really enjoying it too. And I think your choice of UK English is kind of profound. It's the little things. :)