Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Nursery Inspiration

For the longest time I was holding off on thinking about how we would decorate the nursery.  A big part of me wanted to go with bright, bold colours regardless of whether we were having a boy or a girl.  I have always hated the "pink for girls, blue for boys" school of thought when it comes to baby related goods.  So, I thought, I'll just do something bright and fun and mostly gender neutral.  I can throw in a few feminine touches if its a girl.  Right?

But then, I also had visions of sweet pastel wonderlands, full of fairies and twinkle lights and pink, pink, pink for our darling princess!   We could hang these beautiful pictures, that I found in the gift shop of our favourite theatre and have been looking for a reason to buy for ages now, over the crib.

And so I waited.  I decided that there was no reason to get all worked up or tied to any ideas until we knew whether we were having a boy or a girl.  (Even though I totally knew we were having a girl because my husband told me so because his dead relatives told him so in a dream.)

OOPS!  Whatever, I so totally knew it was a boy all along.  Ross says he did too, but he's lying.  So this revelation meant I could move forward with my bright, fun nursery inspiration.  And I knew exactly where to start.

The first time I walked into our warehouse, I noticed 2 roller blinds in the corner by the door.  One of the hazards of Ross' line of work is that he buys LOTS of an item.  He then sells those items on to others, usually in smaller quantities.  We almost always end up with 2 or 3 of any given item "left over".  I can only assume that these 2 roller blinds were left overs from some long-ago stock, but I adored them on sight.  They remained by the door.  

Once we knew we were having a boy, my thoughts strayed to these roller blinds more and more often.  I declared to Ross that our nursery would be based around them.  We put them in the car to bring them home. No, our nursery does not have 2 windows the correct size for these blinds.  Our nursery has one teeny tiny window and is smaller than the walk-in closet in my old apartment in Dallas.  But I had a vision!  A vision of quirky jungle animals!  It was perfect.  It would be the most adorable (teensy) nursery ever in the history of time!  And I would accomplish it with style, panache and zero dollars because I'm so creative!  

But then I decided to go an entirely different direction.

(Those roller blinds are still in the back of our car.  I refuse to let them go.  Eventually we'll move and have a playroom or something.  And that playroom will be the most adorable, quirky animal de-decked room of all time!)

Did you find inspiration for your nursery somewhere unexpected?
Did you change your mind about your first idea even though you, like really REALLY liked it?

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