Thursday, 31 March 2011

ABC's of Me

There's a thing making the blog rounds and I thought it would be a good way to let readers know a little more about myself.  So here are the ABC's of me.

A. Age: 32, last month.  That sounds wierd.  I don't feel as old as that sounds.
B. Bed size: Double (AKA Full).  I'd love a bigger one, but British beds don't really come in queen and there's no way a king would fit in our bedroom.  
C. Chore you hate: Dusting.  I forget about it until I suddenly notice a disgustingly thick layer of dust on things.
D. Dogs: We don't have one.  My grandma keeps telling me that she's sure Ross is going to buy me one.  He isn't.  
E. Essential start to your day: Pulling open the curtains in the bedroom, Checking my emails, and a kiss from Ross
F. Favorite color: Orange.  It's the best colour ever.  Strong, bold, cheerful.
G. Gold or silver: Generally silver because yellow tones can make me look jaundiced, but I do rock gold every once in a while.  
H. Height: 5′5.5″ 
I. Instruments you play: I played the clarinet for one year in 6th grade.  I played recorder and handbells at church when I was younger, but the music director traumatized me and now I won't touch them.  
J. Job Title: Wife Supreme and Assistant (I help my hubs with his business.  We're the only employees so I don't really have a title.)
K. Kids: None yet.  Much to my grandma's dismay.  We're workin' on it.
L. Live: Manchester, UK.  Specifically Whitefield.
M. Mom’s name: Mary.  She's pretty cool.
This is my mom & dad at my Aunt Deb and Uncle Bob's wedding.  
I was also in attendance in my mom's belly.  How awesome is her dress?

N. Nicknames: Meg is actually short for Margaret.  My dad generally calls me "Redbird".  Ross comes up with some real gems including "Pigeon Nuckles".  I also had a few college ones that are best left out.
O. Overnight hospital stays: I don't think any- unless I stayed overnight when I had a double hernia repair as an infant.
P. Pet peeve: People who spell "definitely" incorrectly or write "should of" instead of "should have"
Q. Quote from a movie: "Well then I just hate you... and I hate your... ass... FACE!"  -Corky St. Clair
R. Right or left handed: Technically ambidextrous.  Mostly lefty, but I can only cut right-handed.
S. Siblings: One older brother Matt.

Aww. So sweet.

T. Time you wake up: It depends.  I've become stupidly slothful since becoming the wife of an entrepreneur.  I function much better with a set schedule.  Usually around 9:30- or later.

U. Underwear: Thongs or Boyshorts, depending on what's going on top of it.
V. Vegetables you dislike: None really.  I used to be super-picky, but these days I'll eat most things.
W. What makes you run late:  On work days:  The lack of a set schedule.  For non-work-related things: Ross.
X. X-Rays you’ve had: Dental ones, several joint x-rays (elbows, wrists, ankle x 2).  I've never actually broken anything, but I've sprained nearly everything.
Y. Yummy food you make: I'm gonna brag and say I'm a pretty good cook.  This is pretty good.  I asked Ross what I make that's yummy and he said the Pear and Chocolate Cake I make.  I'll post a recipe soon.
Z. Zoo animal: Honestly, I'm not much for zoo animals.  They smell gross and are in sad cages.  If I had to pick I'd say the big cats.


  1. Megaboobs should of never be left out. See, I definitively read for detail.

  2. Damn. Tried too hard on the should of. It was just Megaboobs should never be left out and I didn't fix correctly to be ornery.