Wednesday, 16 March 2011

British "Fashion" Part 2

Today's look is one that the males around town are rockin'.
Have you been looking for a way to achieve the "sag" look, but still keep your waistband at the waist?

It's... um... well....  I'll just show you a picture...

They come in capri length too!

Never fear!  Drop-crotch shorts are here!

Prefer a denim look?

Do you want to try this trend, but you consider your style more classic than trendy?  Don't worry, you can get a "classic" khaki with a drop crotch!

So, what's up with this look?

Is it an homage to MC Hammer?
Is it for the well-endowed man?  The man who didn't make it to the potty in time?

Is it so you can look like an idiot?

If so- mission accomplished, my friend.  Mission accomplished!

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