Monday, 21 March 2011

Mo' Money Mo' Problems Part 1

In this post, I'm going to talk about British money that is currently in circulation.
Elizabeth (and the rest of you curious readers) can hold your breath to hear about old timey money in my next post in this mini-series.

British money is so much prettier than American money.  Fun colors!  Scrolly font!  Tiaras!
I'm just now getting the hang of it.
Ross is always telling me how much easier it is and I can see his point, but it's all about what you're used to, right?

Let's start with the bills:

See how the bills get larger depending on their worth.  It's very handy... and much easier for blind people.   They don't have to rely on the honesty of banks and shopkeepers!  There is also a £50 note, but it is not frequently used.  
Now come the coins:

Top row (L-R): One Pence, Two Pence, Five Pence, Ten Pence
Bottom row (L-R): Twenty Pence, Fifty Pence, One Pound, Two Pound

Pence are commonly referred to as "P".  As in, "Honey, do you have 50p for the parking meter?"

Notice how they're sort of in sets of 2, with one big and one small of each style.  The bigger one is worth more.  The hardest one for me was the 5p, as it's the same size, color, and shape as a US dime.

So that's an overview of British currency.  Do you think it looks easier or harder than American money?


  1. The 5p is the same size as the dime? So how big is it's buddy the 10p?

  2. Huge... 1 1/8" in diameter!