Saturday, 5 March 2011

A project...

So today at Sainsbury's I found a great deal on picture frames.  (I'm working on a grand plan for a photo wall in our living room.)  This particular frame has spots for 3 pictures.  Kinda like this:

I had a great idea of how to fill it.  Look at these awesome pictures from our parents' weddings!

My parents (personal photo)

Ross' parents (personal photo)

Surely, there would be a similar picture from our wedding to mount in the 3rd hole.  It would make an awesome multi-generational-sentimental-decorative-wall hanging!

Not so fast.  These are the best pictures we have from our cake cutting:
Oh, that's nice.  But landscape.  The other two are portrait.  No go.

 Portrait orientation, smiling bride and groom.  It's the a shot up the rubber duck's butt though... bleh.

 Ross is concentrating very hard.  I'm very nervous.  Not a classic.

What is this?  A photo of us both smiling, cutting the cake.
Sure- it was landscape, but I cropped it into submission.

I think this just might work afterall.

(All of our wedding photos are courtesy of Shari Hunt Photography)

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