Thursday, 10 March 2011

I love you

So this song has been playing on the radio here for a few months now.  It's fun, catchy, and a little retro.

But what exactly does it mean?  Let's explore the main lyric...
"Say you love me like a hobo"

Does this mean:
A) Say you love me as If I, myself, were a hobo.
B) Say you love me in the manner which a hobo loves something else.
C) Say you love me in a faux-hobo voice.

A)  Unlikely... People aren't generally known to be overly-affectionate towards the residence-challenged.  Is this some sort of strange double talk where the singer is really saying that she wants her lover to hold his handbag closer when he passes by her?  Tell her she smells?  Avoid eye contact when they meet on the street, but give generously to a charity which will help meet her needs?  Certainly a confusing simile.
B)  Possible... I'm not sure what the general consensus is on the level of fierceness of hobo-love.  They may be known to be loyal, tender, and ardent in their love.  I did google "hobo love" in an attempt to do research on the subject.  I don't recommend that you repeat my mistake.
C)  Our winner... in a craze sweeping the nation (or perhaps just my marriage), partners are being asked to tell their lovers that they love them using a faux-hobo voice.   The following is a transcript of an actual conversation:

Meg:  Remember when I loved you?
Ross:  Like a hobo?  Or regular style?
Meg:  Both.

So my friends- I encourage each of you to tell at least one person today that you love them like a hobo.


  1. Before I even read the options or the analysis my thought was in the manner in which a hobo would speak the words, "I love you".

  2. I can say "I love you" like a zombie...
    ...[shuffle whilst dragging my unusable leg]
    ...[extend one arm towards my love]

  3. Elizabeth- That is why you are a winner! Well, one of the many reasons...
    Anita- I say that's close enough. Nice commitment.

  4. It may be "say you love me like a ho, Bo" where the songstress is talking to someone by the name of Bo or possibly Bo.