Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Last night I dreamt I went to Target again...

Ah my beloved Target.*  I love you.
Like how the narrator loved Manderley.
Except is doesn't have a crazy creepy housekeeper...
And hopefully it won't burn down.
And I don't feel haunted by the presence of Ross' first wife at Target.
Because I am Ross' first wife.
Whatever... I like the book Rebecca and this has all gone horribly awry, but I'm not going to delete it.

The point is- I love Target.
It makes me happy.
We don't have Target in the UK**, which makes me sad.
I used to love to peruse the aisle of my local Super Target, now I torture console torture myself by looking at the Target website to see all the pretty things I can't have.
As a type of vicarious living, I will now share a few of the things that I've found that tickle my fancy.
If they tickle your fancy too and you are lucky enough to have a Target you can go buy them!
If you have a Target, but they don't tickle your fancy, but you love me- you could buy them and send them to me here in England! (kidding.  sort of.)

Online browsing does deprive me of my greatest joy- the true bargain.  I love those little red stickers and finding a treasure in the clearance section.  Oh well.  On with the pretty:

First up items for around the house:

Want this for the gallery wall in our living room that currently only exists in my mind.

Sure, I have no idea where it would go in our house, but see statement above.

Now, on to my favourite.  Clothes!
First you should know that I consider 3/4 sleeve cardigans the king of all clothing.  I can't get enough of them.  

I warned you!  I big puffy heart love a cute cardi.

Oh, orange v neck-  Your description says you are super-soft.  
I like the sound of that.  Plus a v neck shows off my tatas real nice and classy-like.

Now, onto shoes and accessories:

Sure to spice up any outfit

Every British resident woman needs wellies.  Can you believe I don't have a pair?!
These graphic black and whites with a pop of cheerful yellow would do the trick.

So thus ends my internet love letter to Target.
What do you think of my pics?
What is your favourite place to shop for bargains?

*Target doesn't know who I am or care about my little blog.  This ain't no paid post-vertisement.
** Long semi-relevant tangent which I find amusing: Awhile back I read an article in some British newspaper that was profiling Phil Spector's wife.  She was proclaiming the fact that she isn't a gold digger and that she truly loves her wrongly-imprisoned crazy-haired fella.  As part of the proof that she wasn't after Phil's moola she said that her favourite store is Target.  The paper explained parenthetically to it's readers, who would be unfamiliar with the glory that is Tar-jay that Target is similar to Argos.  If I'd been drinking anything, this would have been my cue for a spit-take.  Argos is NOTHING like Target.  I'd never experienced a store like Argos before moving here.  There are a few things out on the store floor, but mostly there are magazine type books around the perimeter where you can look to see what they stock.  There are little electronic pads next to the books that you can input an item code into, which the system then uses to check if the store has it in stock.  If they have it, you fill out a form and pay and then wait for the item to be brought out from the back (sort of like some of the stuff at Ikea).  If they don't have it, I think you can have it ordered in.  Exactly like Target, eh?  I'm guessing they were making a comparison based on the type of price-point in the two stores... I thought it was funny and Ross and I still joke about it nearly a year later.  Interesting tangent story, huh?  Aren't you glad you read all this rambling? :)


  1. this was a mean post. now i yearn. :P

  2. You are a masochist and must stop torturing yourself. I have actually scheduled Target vists into my itinerary when i go back on Friday and will totally pick you up something light weight and easy to ship! I sympathise that much and it would be cruel not to offer!

  3. Ah, ladies... I just can't help myself! :) LadyLib you are too kind... I knew my fellow expats would feel my pain.

  4. If it makes you feel better I will take a picture of me in my Target wellies that look quite similar to the ones you picked out and send it to you :) I, too, miss Tar-jay; Nakumatt just doesn't hit the spot in the same way.

  5. In your honor today I will go to the super Tar-jay in my hood and tell it how much you miss it. I have to pick up Easter chocolates for my girls baskets.

  6. Micah- Thanks. Yes. That will make me feel better. (I wish there was a font for sarcasm)
    Lucinda- You're too good to me.

  7. Our target added groceries...