Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas for 2.5

I talked about our Christmas plans a little bit already, so I thought I'd tell you how the day went.  We slept late and started the day with a nice bit of snuggling.

I got our breakfast ready and made coffee for Ross and chai tea for me.

I ended up making a Berry and Banana French Toast Casserole.  I sort of combined 2 recipes and improvised a bit and it turned out really well!  Ross even liked it- and he's not usually big on breakfast, especially sweet stuff.

After we ate breakfast and Ross got his iPod set up to play Christmas music, we opened our stocking presents.  Then we moved on to tree presents.

A rare picture of Ross in his glasses.

We each had plenty of fun presents for ourselves, but got most excited about presents that we received for our baby.  Grandma sent a sweet little sleepsuit that features duck on the feet and a duck face on the bottom. This present resulted in the baby's first semi-enduring nickname:  "Baby Duckbutt".  That's how we roll.

Grandma also sent a soft hooded bath towel (and a little rattle lovey too).  Do you think she might be excited about becoming a grandma?

I now present to you a picture of the package that made me tear up when we opened the box of presents that my brother sent from New York.

So sweet!

And what was inside?  Baby Awesome Onesies!  You read that correctly- onesieS!  My sweet big bro sent us this HIMYM inspired baby outfit in 3 sizes (12 mos, 18 mos, & 24 mos) so that everyone will know how awesome our baby is for an entire year.  He also sent a cuddly lavender-scented teddy bear.  He may seem like a curmudgeon, but Uncle Rumple is one sweet guy :)

My favorite present from Ross is one I've already shared with you.  I just love that the baby and I have coordinating hats... now we just need to find one for Daddy. 

I followed up all the excitement of opening presents with a multi-hour nap on the couch.  I even missed the Queen's Speech!  Ross attempted to wake me and I half-heard it through the haze of slumber.  We've got it recorded so I can still experience this British tradition.  I woke up and got started on dinner.  It was resoundingly fine.  I tried all new recipes and wasn't wowed by any of them.

If you're interested our menu was:

Oh well... better luck next year!  Despite the lack of WOW in our Christmas dinner, we still had a lovely day.  We finished the night by skyping with my family and then calling my grandparents for lovely chats all around.  It was strange to realize that this will likely be our only Christmas (at least for a very long time) with just the two of us.  We hope that next Christmas we're able to take Baby Duckbutt to Texas for the holidays so we can all celebrate together.  

Did you have an awesome Christmas?
What was your favorite present?
Do/did you get excited about different kinds of presents once you became a parent/got pregnant?


  1. It's Chuck-inspired, not HIMYM-inspired. (Elie and Awesome's baby is, of course, Baby Awesome.)

  2. Oh no! See this is where that other present of Chuck on DVD will get me caught up! I thought it was in reference to when Marshall and Lily talked about making their married last name "Awesome"... But of course there's Capt. Awesome on Chuck!

  3. What?! I appear on Chuck? How awesome is that? I wonder if there are any HIMYM-inspired baby onesies because that too would be greatness. Maybe a baby suit?