Thursday, 22 December 2011

I've never heard of that... Christmas music edition Part 2

I'm back with more Christmas tunes from the Great British Songbook.  

This first one has been playing quite a bit recently.  "Stop the Cavalry" was a number 3 Christmas hit in 1980.  I asked Ross why it's considered a Christmas song, other than the cheerful horns and the fact that it contains the lyric "I wish I was at home for Christmas", it doesn't strike me as particularly Christmas-y.  Ross said he wasn't sure why it doesn't get played at other times.  A quick bit of research on Wikipedia reveals that it wasn't actually intended to be a Christmas hit, but was written as a protest song.

Still... the horns are undeniably cheerful (even if the lyrics aren't)!

This next selection is by Aled Jones.  "Walking in the Air" shot it's teen singer to stardom after it was released as a single.  The song was used as the soundtrack for the beloved British holiday cartoon The Snowman.  It reached number 5 in the UK pop charts in 1985.

This one makes me feel very happy!  "I Believe in Father Christmas" is another one that the artist never intended as a Christmas hit.  He says he was protesting the loss childhood innocence and the commercialization of Christmas.  It went to number 2 in the UK charts in 1974.

Today's final entry is at the request of my husband.  He has fond memories of The Wombles.  They recycled before it was cool to be green.   I don't really get it, since we didn't have The Wombles in America.  Ross used to freak out over them as a kid, and from what I can tell, he wasn't alone!  This ditty went to number 2 in 1974.  I actually mentioned the Wombles in my last Christmas music post, for the eagle-eyed of you out there... 

So there's your 2nd instalment of Christmas music from the UK.
I hope it put you in the spirit of the season and that you are getting ready for a fabulous Christmas!
(or that you're having a nice Hanukkah, or that you had a nice Winter Solstice, or whatever floats your winter holiday boat!) 


  1. remember member member what a Womble, Womble, Womble you aaaaaare.

  2. Wombles are organised, work as a team.
    Wombles are tidy and Wombles are clean.
    Underground, overground, wombling free,
    The Wombles of Wimbledon Common are we!

  3. That's brought some new ones to my attention! Good finds! x