Wednesday, 21 December 2011

WFW: The end

After our outdoor interlude, Ross and I headed back inside to wind up the party.  

We said goodbye to some of our guests.  Those with young children and the older ones didn't make it until the end, so we bid them a fond farewell.

By this time my feet were really hurting and I finally switched to my little ivory satin Isotoner slippers.  Ross ended up dancing with my shoes on his hands.  Don't has him why... when we first saw these pictures he said he had no memory of doing such a silly thing.

We ditched the shoes and had some more fun.

And with a final dance, the night was drawing to a close.  We were ready to head out and unwind quietly together.

Next time:  The end.  Seriously.  It's finally time to wrap these suckers up!

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