Monday, 12 December 2011

Rocker Buy Baby!

(see what I did there?!)

In contemplating decor for our nursery, I started to think that I'd quite like a rocking chair in the room.  I've laid it out in my mind and there should be room for one in the corner.  In talking with my mom about the plans, she told me that she would be following in her mother's footsteps and purchasing a rocker for us.  So sweet!  I love the rocking chair that my mom has and I'd not realized that it was a present from my G'ma when my older brother was born.

I started looking at options for our rocking chair online and these are some of the options that I found.

Lots of people rave about this style of rocker, which is actually a glider.  While I hear great things about these, I'm just not sold.  I'm sure they are comfortable, but I just don't like the way they look!

The current trend for mid-century modern furniture means that this Eames-style rocking chair is a must-have for hip nurseries.  I love that it comes in bright colors, like this cheerful yellow.  This chair is more aesthetically pleasing, but word on the street is that it just isn't very comfortable.  

This next option looks like a nice piece of furniture that I would be happy to have in our home.  On top of that, it looks very comfy and converts from a rocking chair into a regular armchair when you're ready.  Two problems though: 1)  It's huge!  2) It's expensive!  Ah well, moving on...

Another option is from the always popular IKEA.  I hadn't realized that the fabulous Poang comes in a rocking chair style.  This chair appeals to me because it's sleek, well-constructed, and comfortable.

I'm still not completely sold on the IKEA rocker, but I'd call it a contender.  There is part of me that is wanting something more... something more... well... like the one my mom has.  I can't seem to find any rockers like it!

My instincts were confirmed when I asked Ross what kind of rocking chair he was envisioning for the nursery.  He looked a little confused and then struggled to find the word he was looking for.  "Something... traditional."  Ah!  I guess the search continues.

What style of rocking chair do you like best?
Is it more important for it to be comfortable or pretty?


  1. So I have a rocker much like the big expensive one that you have posted. Luckily, for me, it was handed down to us by my SIL and we just had a slipcover made. She didn't have an ottoman, so we took a random one that my mom had laying around and had a slipcover made for that as well. I cannot tell you how much I love it - we kept HUT in his room pretty early on, so that was where I primarily nursed him. I still rock him to sleep every night in that chair.

    Would finding something used and having it slip-covered or re-covered be an option?

  2. I also have one like the expensive one you posted and love it. We had the top one when we lived in the UK and it broke on us (it may not have been the same one but very similar). I would not do the Ikea one, you don't want holes where your arms are, and the chair arms are hard which would not be comfortable when you are feeding your baby.

  3. Thanks for the feedback ladies! If it were money alone, we would probably find a way to make the nice, big, comfy, one work. Sadly there is NO WAY that chair would fit in our teensy nursery (seriously. TEENSY!)
    I guess the search continues :)