Thursday, 15 December 2011

Meg's Rules for an Awesome Christmas Tree*

1.  Fake trees are a-ok.  Preferred even.  Unless they are some weird color.  Then they suck.

Our tree.

2. The only acceptable lights are small ones.  They can be either all white or multicolored.  I might be willing to negotiate on red and white lights, but don't push it.

3.  Pre-lit trees are for sissies.  Lights (and lots of them) must be carefully hand woven through each layer for maximum depth of light and sparkle.

small multi-colored lights

4.  "Themed" Trees are sick and wrong.  The theme of a Christmas tree should be Christmas.Trees should have ornaments in a variety of colors and shapes that are collected over the years.  Cheap filler ornaments can also be used in the early years of one's collection-building to bulk out your tree.

5.  The key to a good tree is sparkle.  This is achieved through step 3, combined with ornaments that catch the light via crystal, glitter, mirrors, or other means.

mirrors + glitter + lights = Christmas magic!

6.  Feel free to use non-traditional items as ornaments.  We've bought fun key chains on our recent vacations and are using them as tree decorations.  They are nice souvenirs and less expensive than fancy keepsake ornaments.

a key chain from Philadelphia

7.  Garland is an unnecessary distraction.  If you must use it, keep it classy.  No shiny foil stuff.

8.  Have ornaments that reflect your interests and personalities.  We've got Laurel & Hardy and pickles for Ross.  And I've got quite the collection of redbird ornaments.  This makes your tree uniquely yours!

vintage Laurel & Hardy ornaments

*This list is intended in the spirit of humour and poking fun at my own crazies.  They are my actual opinions but, while I reserve the right to judge you if you don't follow my rules, I understand that everyone has their own taste and style.

What are your rules for an awesome Christmas tree?


  1. I am SO WITH YOU for number four!

  2. See, I kinda disagree with Number 4 as long as you don't go stupid crazy. I think we'll end up having 2 trees. One with family ornaments and one that's pretty decoration. So for that one, there might at least be a color theme going on. (And HOW DARE YOU JUDGE ME!!!)