Wednesday, 31 August 2011

WFW: Girl Portaits

Before we got started on portaits, I had to take a minute to re-enact a scene from veil shopping.  MOH Micah and I were stupidly amused with my ghost impression both then and on the big day.

But then it was time to take some girlie portaits.  Ross and I opted to forgo the currently en vogue "First Look" in favour of the traditional "not seeing each other until I walked down the aisle".  I've always loved that moment in a wedding when the groom sees his bride for the first time and wasn't willing to pass up seeing Ross' expression.  But!  We also wanted to expedite the portrait process, so we had the photographers take any pictures that didn't involve the 2 of us together before the ceremony.

First, we took some photos of three very important ladies.

Me and my beautiful mom

Me with my Grandmother.

Me and my G'ma.  (One of my absolute favourite photos from the whole day)

As you can see, I went with small hand tied posies for my mom and the grandmothers.  I think they're so pretty and I've always thought they looked much nicer than a big corsage pinned to a pretty dress and messing it up/pulling it weirdly/distracting from the dress itself.  Next up, the younger ladies and I headed to the sanctuary for some more pics.

We were quick and efficient with our photos. 

The classic "pretty ladies" shot.

The "goofy ladies" shot, in which we 
are parodying MOH Micah's inability to wink properly.

Then I got one on one shots with each of my 3 bridesmaids.

And a shot with my beautiful cousins/ house party ladies.

And just like that we were done.  We hustled back to the parlour where we'd been getting ready to hide out as guest were due to start arriving any minute.

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