Thursday, 17 November 2011

Anatomy Scan

Ross and I went for our second (and supposedly final... foreshadowing!) ultrasound at the hospital on October 20th.  We waited in the toothpaste coloured antenatal ward for my name to be called.  It was fairly uneventful and we were called back quickly.  We saw the same technician as we'd had at our first ultrasound, which was nice.  She seemed to remember us and was calm and low-key, as she'd been the last time.

We settled in for the scan and were rewarded with a look at our beautiful baby.

She remarked that the baby was, yet again, uncooperative.  She got some of the measurements she needed.  We could see that our child was weirdly squished in one tiny corner of my uterus.  The legs were akickin', but I couldn't feel it because of the aforementioned squishing.  She had me try rolling on my side, to no avail, and then requested that I take walk to see if the baby would move into a better position.

After a brief walk (and a visit to the snack bar which got Ross all riled up), she tried again, but wasn't able to take the final few measurements needed to complete the scan.  She decreed that everything she could see looked good, so we would just try again in a second appointment.  On the one hand:  Yay!  Unexpected chance to see the baby again!  On the other hand:  Boo!  I now have a sheet of paper in my file that states I needed a second scan due to "baby positioning and BMI".  I maintain that it was clearly the baby's positioning causing the problem, rather than my extra tummy pudge...  Ah well!

As we wrapped up our appointment, I asked if she could tell the baby's sex.  She quietly checked the pertinent area and mumbled something, seemingly too herself.  I jumped in to clarify what I'd just heard- "So, it's a boy?"  She told us that it was 98 to 99% sure to be a boy.  Ross immediately declared that he'd known it all along... Ha!  How quickly he changes his story :)
We waited in the lobby for a few minutes, our token worth £4.50 in hand, to get our picture and an appointment to come back.

Blurry phone pic by Ross, the offending snack bar in the background

Our next scan was November 4th.  We were in and out fairly quickly.  The baby was more cooperative and even stuck his tongue out at us!  (Like father, like son.)  A trainee technician worked with us, in addition to our usual quiet friend.  They verified that everything looked good and that our son was still a boy.  We paid our £4.50 to get another picture (because we're suckers adoring parents).

I realized that this would be the last time we saw our son before we saw him FOR REAL.  Like as a real-live-outside-of-my-body baby!  Woah!  Crazy!  

Did your baby cooperate with the ultrasound process or make things difficult?
Were you right about your gender predictions?


  1. Hurray! A boy! I totally could have given you all the tiny baby clothes I had but have since given to the charity shop.

    They say boys crawl and walk sooner than girls. Somehow these same people think it's a good thing.

  2. Do they have places to get a 3-D ultrasound over there? If so, I would totally recommend shelling out the $$$ for it. It was the coolest thing ever!

  3. Paying for the pictures blows my mind. And almost as much as your two exercise classes for the week!

    I've got over 30 ultrasound pictures in my desk with two videos of heartbeats and no payment for them (and my secondary paid the copays on my primary, so really).