Wednesday, 9 November 2011

WFW: First Dance

Ross and I hopped off of the trolley before the rest of our passengers and snuck around to the back door of our venue.  We went through the kitchen and up a back elevator so that we could make our "grand entrance" down the beautiful brass staircase.  Before descending, we took a few brief minutes in a private room where the staff had put together an assortment of cocktail hour treats for us to enjoy.  It was nice to have a private minute to catch our breath and eat a bite.

The band started to play our song and we descended the stairs.  We'd planned to go straight onto the dance floor, but I realized that I hadn't made a plan for what to do with my bouquet.  Thankfully, my friend Elizabeth was near the bottom of the stairs, so I just handed it off to her and new she'd take care of it while we danced.

We walked onto the dance floor and the band played "You're the Why".  It's a little known song, written by Ian Dury and Chaz Jankle and recorded by Robbie Williams.  We had the band get an arrangement of it made and it was really lovely as played by the big band.

My new husband sang along to the lyrics.

We'd actually taken a series of 4 ballroom dancing lessons to learn the foxtrot before the wedding.  We didn't end up really foxtrotting and just went with it.

"I'll want you 'til the seasons lose their mystery."

"I'll need you 'til the birds forget to fly."

"I'll love you more than anyone in history."

"Wherever there's a wherefore, you're the why."

We finished off with a dip and a kiss and got a round of applause.

After the band was done, we opened up the buffet and the tables were released to go get their grub on.  I trusted the event venue staff to handle this and they did a great job without me worrying or having to micro-manage.

If anyone wants to hear out song in it's entirety, below is a video montage our photographer sent us a week after wedding which features our song as the soundtrack.

As always, WFW posts feature pictures from the lovely Shari Hunt.


  1. My mind is like a steel trap! Really, I'm just trying to document as much as possible before I start to forget it, thus the astounding number and painstaking detail of these WFW posts :)

  2. It's great that you're writing down all these memories of your wedding day. I keep thinking I should do it too, just to keep for our children and theirs one day.

    Beautiful song! It makes me want to watch our wedding dance video now too!