Sunday, 20 November 2011

Cheerful Sunday

You know how you* get lazy and stop blow drying your** hair and putting on make up sometimes?  You* figure your** hair looks good enough when you* sorta scrunch it and let it air dry.  Or wear it in a pony tail.  Or a messy bun.  And it does.  It looks ok.  You* put on your** face lotion, pencil in your** super-thin eyebrows (thanks Dad!), swipe on some blush and mascara and call it good enough.

You* could say it's because you're*** pregnant and so slippage like this is allowed, but in reality- you've**** rocked this look more often than not since you* got married and stopped working in a real office.

Then every once in awhile you* actually blow dry your** hair- maybe even run the straightener through it.  You* put on a full face of make up like you* used to everyday for work.

So yeah.  I actually put some effort in today and I was like "Oh look!  I look nice!  I like my hair!  It's pretty!"  That's a reason to be cheerful :)



  1. I call that fighting the frump. It's gets harder as you get older and have kids but fight it as best you can. Some days I fight more than others. And you do look very pretty! Have a good week.

  2. what do you think a woman is?!? How horribly offensive.

  3. Not the same anonymous. Call me Anonymous 2. Anonymous 1, how exactly is anything in this "horribly offensive?", because I've read it through twice and the only emotion I can muster is "mildly interested."

    I suspect if you really do find this blog "horribly offensive" then you must live your days being horribly offended by lots of things. And that makes me feel sad.

  4. I have the same problem these days. We're building our house and I'm out at the site almost every day, and if I'm lucky, I'm just overseeing other people doing the work. I've had to start making more of an effort lately to try and look a little better. I realized when I considered "dressing up" as having on clothes with no concrete dust on them, I was in BIG trouble! LOL It does give you a big boost to look in the mirror and remember that you clean up well (love the picture, btw).

    P.S. I like Anonymous 2!