Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Sweet Spot

I have to say that on the whole, I really dig being pregnant.  Especially from about 18-23 weeks.  I started thinking of this time in my pregnancy as "the sweet spot".  This time period has had all sorts of positives on it's side.

Being pregnant hasn't been too hard on my physically, which helps.  I don't want anyone to throw anything at me, but I've actually gone down a size.  So even with my expanding bump, my face and the rest of my body look even better than they did before I got knocked up.  After the bone-sucking tiredness of the first trimester, I've found that I have pretty good energy.  The nausea also went away.  I started to actually look noticeably pregnant, with a nice bump.

23 weeks

Emotionally, I've been very even keel too.  That pre-finding-out freak-out was not an omen of things to come (thankfully!).  I'm really happy.  My husband is really happy.  We're both super-excited about this baby.  It helps that I can take it easy when I need to (sleeping with the boss has it's privileges)!

Belly vs. Birthing Ball Silliness
(the future nursery is behind me)

But just feeling good isn't what makes this the sweet spot.  It's the fact that I still feel like we have plenty of time.  I'm like exactly the right amount of pregnant!  Past the scariest phase of "what if something goes wrong" (not that you're ever completely out of the woods).  Past the first trimester yuckiness.  Past the just looking like you've just eaten too much cheesecake.  But not quite to the "Holy crap!  We gotta get stuff done, like yesterday!  The baby will be here any minute!" OMG ALSKJDSKKDJlksfjd *head explodes*.

Can I be honest with you?  We haven't bought a single thing for the baby yet.  The spare bedroom (and future nursery) is full of all sorts of junk that I have no idea what to do with.  We have a LOT to do.  But that's cool.  We've got all sorts of time.  I'm in the sweet spot!

The one piece of baby gear in our home at this moment.
It was a free sample, sent to us in the mail.

(Uh-oh.  I think the it's possible that the sweet spot ended yesterday.  I may be freaking out a teensy bit.)

Did you enjoy one period of your pregnancy more than another?
What was your sweet spot?


  1. I enjoyed it when it was over. ;-)

  2. I still maintain stuff is way overrated.

    I'm good at pregnant. I said I'd be a good surrogate even. That's probably out because of the whole preterm labor thing (though I still maintain that wasn't my fault).

  3. @Moe- I'm definitely trying to cognizant of how good I have it because I know lots of women who feel the way you do!
    @Wiley- That's so funny to me considering that I distinctly remember you being terrified of pregnancy/birth and trying to convince me to act as your surrogate when the time came :)

  4. Yay! :) My sister is almost 18 weeks, so I hope it's a sweet spot for her too!