Monday, 15 August 2011

Plump it up

I love my lip plumper lip gloss, especially Buxom Lip Polish by Bare Escentuals.  Ross isn't so much a fan.  He doesn't like the way it tingles on his lips after we kiss.  At least the colour looks good on him! :)

But we're not here to talk about the state of my lips.

A phrase that is very common here is England, is (yet again!) one I'd never heard prior to moving here.  I hear it most frequently when watching one of the many quiz shows we enjoy.  On a quiz show, it's used in the context of when a contestant isn't sure of the answer and prefaces their response with 3 words "I'll plump for _______ ". 

I actually misunderstood what it meant until just now when I asked Ross to explain it to me and tell me it's origin.  I thought that it mean the equivalent of "I'll give a guess of _______".  That's how it comes across as it's always when the answer isn't a sure thing.  Ross has just told me that it actually means more like "I'll back/ give my support to/endorse".   It's actually in American dictionaries, but is used in a more political context- like someone backing a certain political candidate or party.  

So there you go... there's a little something you might not have known....
What phrases have you found confusing, or thought you understood only to find out you were wrong?

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