Thursday, 4 August 2011

Remove my jacket

I'm sure you've heard this song.

It's on the radio ALL THE TIME in England, and I'd hazard a guess that it's pretty ubiquitous in the US too.  It's a pretty good summer song.  Light and catchy with a good beat.  

Ross insists that the song is not a pop tribute to the dance stylings of a legendary front man.  No.  He believes that it is a reference to some long-forgotten etiquette.  You see in days gone by, at formal events (generally weddings), there was a certain point in the evening where it was acceptable for smokers to light up and for gentlemen to remove their jackets.  In English culture, this point in the evening is after the toasts.  Specifically the toast to the queen.

My husband loves to bandy about long-forgotten knowledge such at this.  Despite it's completely arcane nature it brings him pleasure.  When we we've attended weddings together, he's frequently pointed out the uncouth men who removed their jackets prior to the toasts.  (Never mind that they were summer weddings in Texas.  My man in classy!) :)

At any rate.  Ross loves to sing along to this tune and sub in the words "Remove my jacket" for "Moves like Jagger".  It fits surprisingly well.  It's pretty cute- if a little weird.

What completely outdated/useless knowledge do you carry around in your head?


  1. THIS SHOW IS AWESOME!!!!! I love Adam (when he's not talking) his voice is so mousy. This song has been on the radio constantly for a while. My daughter and I do not watch American Idol, but we are America's got Talent freaks.. and we really enjoyed this show. It's not just the contestants who are trying to win... it's a competition among the 4 stars who coach their teams to win. It's pretty cool.

  2. It comforts me to know that this kind of knowledge is being preserved. :) I don't have much of it, so I appreciate learning!