Wednesday, 24 August 2011

WFW: Dress Up

While my mom hit the hair and make up chair...

It was finally time to get bride-i-fied. 
Oh my beautiful dress (which is now in a big plastic tub in Bridesmaid Nicole's attic).

Check out that gorgeous embroidery and beading!

The girls helped me step in, while the photographer preserved my modesty.

I squished "the girls" while Cindy and Micah worked the zipper.

Once I was locked and loaded we had a nice laugh. 

Next the girls helped me step into my shoes.

It took a surprising amount of help to balance and straighten the straps.

A shoe (along with my other accessories) close up.  I spent a long time looking for the perfect shoes.  I wanted something that was pretty, re-wearable, and not too high of a heel.  I ordered and returned probably 10 pairs of shoes from (thank you awesome return policy!) before settling on these.

I wanted to participate in the "somethings" tradition, but my open shoe was giving me trouble when it came to the final part "and a six pence in her shoe" (which many brides leave out).  Ross provided me with a six pence which I ended up super gluing to the sole of my shoe.
You can see it in this picture.

 And a close-up.

And the final part of my ensemble, the veil.  My beautiful, long, delicate veil.  I loved the dainty row of beading just around the edge.

Erin (the hair/make up artist) helped with the placement of my veil.

And that was it!  I was all brided up.


  1. Gorgeous! Those shoes really are perfect.

  2. soooooooooo pretty Meg!!! Your dress is gorgeous and your makeup is beautiful!