Wednesday, 10 August 2011

WFW: The Little Boys

Are you prepared for my very own personal version of cute overload?  (Which, by the way, I totally misread the first time I read about it and thought it was Cute Overlord.  I guess adorable despots?)  Anyhoo.

As I was getting the finishing touches put on my hair, two of my favourite people arrived.  Lliam and Toby are the sons of BM Nicole (and soloist Ian).  Ian arrived with the boys and dropped them off with the ladies.

The boys got settled in and checked out mom's fancy hair and make-up.  Ian knocked it out of the park by wrangling the 2 boys, all of their clothing items, and a bag of snacks and toys too keep them happy.

How sweet are their little sock-covered feet?!  The boys had a little, pre-game snack.

I die with cuteness.

 One thing I'm very glad I did was give free reign to the boys parents to find whatever outfits they wanted for the boys.  They knew the style and tone of the wedding and I didn't see the point in them spending a ton on renting little tuxes or buying monkey suits that they'd outgrow in a minute.  They looked perfect in white dress shirts, black dress pants and vests, and ties that matched the groomsmen (which we gave them).  Nicole even found them awesome shiny formal shoes at Once Upon a Child for mere dollars.
 While I was getting my hair finished, Lliam came over to proudly show me his "rock star" vest.  The inside had a white "flying-v" guitar design.  He was so excited to show me.

Such a little man!  He was very serious about his ring bearer duties.

Toby looked so grown up as mom helped him get buttoned.

And now, I present a collage of one of my absolute favourite series of pictures captured by our photographer Shari Hunt.  

He's so excited he could burst!

 They gave kisses to me and to their mom and went to join the grown-up boys downstairs while I got dressed.

Lliam and Ross check out the gold eagle on top of the American flag pole.  The local Boy Scout Troop meets in our basement, so there's random scout stuff mixed in with the church stuff.

Looking at these pictures always makes me smile.  I knew there was a risk of having such young kids (Toby was not quite 2) involved in the wedding, but I knew that the joy and happiness that they exude would far outweigh any problems.  It worked perfectly and the boys did an amazing job!

Next, I get dressed.

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