Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Hooray for Ross!

This weekend, Ross gave me yet another reason to love him.  (As if I needed more.  Seriously- he's like the best ever.)

my fancy new bathroom floor

This weekend, Ross completed the final phase of our bathroom redo.  After living with a floor that was better than it's warped predecessor, but still not good for several months Ross put the finishing touches on our bathroom.  Just as a refresher, here's what the floor looked like before:

It may not look like a huge difference, but up close it is a million times better.  The tiles in the corner between the sink and tub were cracked and peeling and there were patches of left over adhesive from the original floor that was collecting all sorts of stray hairs and debris in a truly gross way.  

Ross did an excellent job and it looks fabulous!  Hooray Ross!  

And now to thank him, as I'm sure you all want to do, someone should arrange to have the following product imported into the UK:

MMMmmmm This is one of their new flavours that looks delish!

We discovered Coconut Bliss during a visit to Central Market on one of Ross' visits to Dallas.  Since Ross doesn't handle dairy well, his options for frozen tasty treats are somewhat limited.   He was wowed by this ice cream substitute.  It's creamy and has the right texture, something a lot of the other options don't have.  I think you'd be hard pressed to know it wasn't milk-based if you weren't told.  It's actually pretty good for you (in the grand scheme of things).  We've looked a few times and there's not sign of Coconut Bliss in the UK.  So pretty please, someone rectify this problem!  

Thanks. Kisses


  1. Trajan and Ross have so much to bond over! Trajan couldn't have dairy (or soy or gluten or casein or I don't remember what) when he was little because of his protein intolerances. I was always amazed the alternatives I could turn up at Whole Foods.

    Whole Foods also could order me more alternatives if I was looking for something they didn't have. Is there a grocery store there you could talk to about seeing if they could order?

  2. Exciting! I know how great it feels to have those little, annoying house problems fixed at last. :)

  3. Congrats on the new floor! We got our bathroom done last year after living with it for 11 long years and it was so great when it was done.

    Your new floor looks lovely :)