Monday, 23 May 2011

Couple time

Meg's note:  Don't worry.  The beginning of this post might sound like it's going to be about something a little R-rated, but it's not really.  So just keep reading, and don't think too hard about the first part if it freaks you out.  It's only included for context.  

For Ross' birthday last year, I bought an "adult" game.  I thought it might be fun.  It was sort of lame.  I think we've played it once.  The things on the cards swung from either really lame things we already do ("Tell your partner which mannerism he/she has that you think are cute.")  to  WAY more raunchy than I'm ok with.

So the game has cards with prompts of things to either talk about or do.  We were playing the game and rolling our eyes at some of the prompts (or baulking at the lewdness of some of them.  Yikes!)  Then, we came upon a card that has a continued impact on our marriage.

I just spent a good 30 minutes searching for this card, because I was going to take a picture of it and insert it here.  I read through every stupid card at least twice.  No dice.  But I swear it was real!  Maybe we lost it...

So now, in a very anticlimactic manner I will tell you (approximately) what the card said:

              Laughter is sexy!  Try to get a running joke going.

After reading this card, we burst out laughing.  Seriously?!  Does this game know who were are?  I mean, I guess not, since it is an inanimate object.  But still.  Ridiculous.

We lamented, "If only we'd thought to have a running joke before!"
"But how do you start a running joke?"
"If only we enjoyed laughing together or doing bits!"

So now, we have a running joke about running jokes.

Side story:  The other amusement this game has provided me involves my dad fixing our wardrobe doors when he was visiting last year.  It also involves the game in the bottom of the wardrobe and a clothing rod falling so that it was exposed.  It then involves my dad throwing something on top of it to cover it and pretending he didn't see it.  Awkward + funny = awesome.

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  1. This one made me laugh out loud. Vernon and I have a few running jokes, but they "just happen". You just gave me an idea for a great post! :) er... or your game did.