Wednesday, 4 May 2011

I love my husband.

So I was entering a give away at texpatsabroad and asked for Ross' help.
The prize is a pretty groovy sounding book:  The Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking which was written by a friend of hers.

Entering the prize required me to say what my "most brilliant domestic accomplishment" has been...
I had no idea what to say.  I do lots of domestic things.  Some of them you've read about here.  But brilliant- that's a tall order.  I needed something special.  I turned to my husband who was sitting in his usual spot, working away on the computer even though it was nearly midnight

 and asked him what he considers my most brilliant domestic accomplishment.

I should know better.   I really should.

He paused and got that mischievous look that I know and love so well.
"Well you don't really do that much..."  he says, ever so nonchalantly.

This was my face.

We are not amused.
We are also not looking so hot- yikes!

He's so proud of himself when he says things like that.  It makes him terribly adorable.  Not so much the fact that he says these things, but the fact that he's so amused by the fact that he's said something so untrue/mean.  He's like a little boy who's enjoying being naughty.  

Normally when he says something with the intention of getting my goat, he follows it immediately with "Give me a kiss" and a sheepish/mischievous smile.  Tonight after I gave him the above look, he said "What do you expect me to say when you ask things like that*... (continued look from me) redid the bathroom, you rearranged the lounge... etc."

I ended  up listing my accomplishment as the fact that I wrangled Ross' sock collection into one chest of drawers.  He's got a LOT of socks and it took some effort to corral them all... silly, cute, wonderful man.

UPDATE:  I won the drawing!  Huzzah!  I'm very excited to get the cookbook and try out some of the womanly arts it contains :)  Thanks, Texpats and HipGirl!

*When Ross and I first started dating, he displayed an astonishing talent for giving compliments that sounded like insults.  He'd say something that was meant to be sweet and complimentary, but to the uninitiated it might sound horrible and insulting.  Often times, he'd realize how it was sounding as he talked and would try to find a way to bring it around and "save it".  When he does salvage the compliment, he always congratulates himself.  When he doesn't... well that, ladies and gentlemen, is known as a "Ross Special".  

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